April – October | FRESH Cut Flowers

Custom Arrangements | Order online, Pick Up at Farm House Cooler or Local Delivery

Large Mixed Seasonal Bouquets | Order online, Pick Up at Roadside Farm Stand or Partner Location

November – March, or while supplies last | DRIED Cut Flowers

During the growing season, we harvest & dry every bit of flower, leaf, pod & stem possible! We are continually testing new plant material for its dried properties focusing on rich color & texture. It may seem like these dried flowers just appeared, but in reality, some were sown as seeds last January, to be sold now in November, 10 months later! It’s a labor of love & passion to bring you these special products.

Because our fresh flower season runs from mid-April to mid-October, that means only 6 months of income! By purchasing our dried floral products, you are helping to support this family farm during the off-season. It’s during these months, when we make all of our most important purchases, like seeds, bulbs, tubers & various supplies that make all the fresh flower beauty possible.

We’re currently designing a wonderful array of home goods perfect for gift-giving & will also be offering dried bunches of flowers for your own crafting pleasure, as well as pre-packaged kits! Thank-you so much for your continued support, we adore our community & have the best customers ever!

Online Shop set to open Monday November 9th!


We have fully transitioned all of our Retail flower purchases to our online shop.

Occasionally, we do stock our Roadside Farm Stand for cash & carry / grab & go style Mason Jars or Mixed Bunches – but the demand has become so high, our best method of getting flowers into our customer’s hands, is to promote pre-ordering via our online shop.

Curious about something not listed or sold out, send us an email to