All of our Retail / Direct to Consumer offerings are pre-ordered via our ONLINE SHOP

April – October | FRESH Cut Flowers

Custom Arrangements | Pick Up at Farm House Cooler or Local Delivery

Mixed Seasonal Bouquets | Pick Up at Roadside Farm Stand or Partner Location

November – March | DRIED Cut Flowers

During the growing season, we harvest & dry every bit of flower, leaf, pod & stem possible! We are continually testing new plant material for its dried properties focusing on rich color, texture & lasting fragrance. We offer dried wreaths, arrangements, wreath kits, holiday ornaments, loose stems for your own crafts & more!

Because our fresh flower season runs from mid-April to mid-October, that means only 6 months of income! By purchasing our dried floral products, you are helping to support this family farm during the off-season. It’s during these months, when we make all of our most important purchases, like seeds, bulbs, tubers, compost & various supplies that make all the fresh flower beauty possible.

NOTE: Lindell Flower Farm is a working farm & also the Lindell Family Home. We have no storefront & are not open to the public [with the exception of the roadside Farm Stand, open occasionally, by chance]. All pre-order pick ups & floral consultations are by appointment. Thank you for understanding!

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