Lindell Flower Farm proudly supports the growing ‘slow flowers’ movement to localize the flower industry.

Did you know 80% of flowers sold in the U.S. are imported, grown thousands of miles away, most likely in Columbia?

Columbia’s government & industry regulations on chemicals are not as strict as the U.S. & are hardly sustainable. Imported flowers are usually treated with high quantities of insecticides to meet the U.S. Customs requirement of pest-free botanicals.

The transit of the imported plants is further complicated by creating heaps of trash including boxes, plastics, rubber bands, packaging paper, tape, etc… The carbon footprint is much higher than the local, sustainable alternative.

Very sadly, 58% of American farmers have gone out of business in the past 20 years. Flowers sold stateside should be grown domestically to support your local economy & agricultural communities.

Ask for locally / American Grown flowers!

Local flowers are farm fresh & have more fragrance! Freshly cut & in your hands typically within 24 hours; They’ve never traveled or been left thirsty out of water.

Our flowers are sustainably grown by a family that cares about the land they work & live on.

So, next time you purchase flowers, choose your local flower farmer & support a local family like the Lindells — we love growing flowers for you!